It’s not about one person doing one big’s about a lot of people doing small things that really make the difference.

Richard Preston and our friends at RNP homes have been a huge support. Kairos wouldn't exist without their incredible generosity. Not only did they donate us our shipping container, but they provided all the builders/painters and resource to fit it out. Legends.

Darren Paddock from 3D Factory made our dreams and visions a reality. He donated his time and skills to do all our designs and architectural work Pro Bono.


Grace Vineyard Church kindly donated us a portion of land at 311 St Asaph St where we will operate from. This means we can operate in the heart of our city and focus on showing love to the communities who need it most.

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Kairos Free Store sits under the umbrella of HCAT (Highway Church Amberley Trust). we have a amazing board of trustees who look after our accounts. HCAT is an REGISTERED charitable trust. Charitable COMMISSION number cc54112.